OffRoadAnarchy - Mountain biking in BangaloreThe BOTS Start Line Team

We offered Start Line Support at the Off-Road Anarchy: Mountain Biking Madness event today. Our ace mechanics ensured riders raced safe and our bike specialists were there to educate when required. Constantly improving on our Start Line Support offering to ensure events are better supported.

We also rolled out a few Specialized Bicycles and flags to ensure folks had an opportunity to ride the best!

OffRoadAnarchy - 22 copyStart Line – All set to kick it off!

While there’s always room for improvement, this was a well organized mountain biking event – great vibe, known faces, fantastic facilities and a good race route. Good elements to seed the mountain biking culture in our cities. DJ’s are not essential before a race, but they are!!

OffRoadAnarchy - Mountain biking bangaloreThe Podium – Shashankh CK (Team BangaloreMountainBiking 3rd place), Naveen Raj (Team Wheelsports, 1st place) & Muralidhar (Team BOTS, 2nd place)


Looking forward to working with the Off-Road Anarchy team to roll out more mountain biking races in Bangalore and up-ing the game a bit next time around.

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