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Tarmac Chronicles - awesome road rides in Bangalore

Wondering how we rode all the way from Seattle to Hesaraghatta? — We didn’t, but Justin did.

Read on to know the journey.

We met Justin Koh, a long distance cyclist & Amazonian, about a week back and invited him to ride with us on the 5th Episode of the Tarmac Chronicles.

We set off towards Jalahalli airforce station via Mekhri circle & New BEL road. This was our route to reach the lake bed at Hesaraghatta. At the Airforce station the cadets were on their regular routine Saturday morning run and seemed to be awe-struck by a cyclist fly-by at 28Kmp — quite a view while suffering!

A couple of kilometres after Jalahalli the road started to wind & twist. Cool fresh sweet air and almost zero noise. Out of Bangalore city limits! Perfect.

Tarmac Chronicles - awesome road rides in Bangalore

As soon as we reached Hesaraghatta river we took a left turn into possibly one of the narrowest roads in the universe! A perfect spot for a great half way break, healthy snacks, happy photos, general shooting the breeze with your mates. Note – The stretch is perfect 4km of pave´ experience! Don’t worry, your road bicycle can handle this. Mostly.

The Road from Hesaraghatta to Rajankunte was again absolutely stunning. Until you hit the Yelanaka Doddaballapur intersection at which point the peace, calm and happiness are hit with a generous done of shiver-down-your-spine traffic and people coming at you from all directions.

Over this was yet another great ride with a fantastic bunch of folks.

Tarmac Chronicles - awesome road rides in Bangalore

Everyone seems to be getting stronger and better on their road machines. The best part being a new route being explored every week.

My ride buddies on this episode included:

  • Tarun Rao (Awesome photographer)
  • Niranjan Kamath
  • Shilesh
  • Rajat Poovaiah
  • Justin Koh

Thanks to all these amazing guys. Without whom this episode would not be chronicled.

Missed the ride? Here is the route –

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