PUNE - 1 year anniversary
This particular photo was clicked on the night of launch (24th May 2014). Our entire team came down from Bangalore to celebrate the store’s opening. #kickassteam


Today marks the completion of 1 year of BOTS awesomeness in Pune — many inspired riders with inspiring stories and a ton of Specialized bikes out there. We created the #BOTSHIL, discovered plenty of routes atop the hill and re-introduced the spirit of mountain biking to a generation of Puneites. Most importantly, we made a ton of good friends who introduced us to the lovely city of Pune.

And this is just the beginning!

This has been a fantastic achievement for us as a company — to take our first shaky steps outside Bangalore to spread our passion for cycling and to ensure we create cyclists and offer the “BOTS Experience” has been immensely rewarding.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our fans out there who have guided us and worked alongside us to make #BOTSPUNE a success.

Thank you.

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