Triathlon Information Session at the Specialized Concept Store | Bangalore

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Bangalore triathlons - Deepak Raj

Deepak Raj, from TriANewLife Australia, will be running an information session on triathlons at the Specialized Concept Store, Bangalore this weekend!

Where: Specialized Concept Store
What Time: 6:30pm onwards
When: 12 Jan 2014

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It all started as a health fad for IT professional Deepak Raj, then aged 23, way back in 2000. One thing led to another, and this year the Bangalorean nailed arguably the most strenuous endurance race which required him to swim, cycle and run – 226.2 km nonstop – on a single day. On December 8, Deepak swam 3.8 km in the choppy waters of Indian Ocean, then hopped on to a cycle for 180.2 km and then tested his legs for 42.2 km, and clocked just a little over 10 hours doing all this.

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