BOTS at Dakshin Pete celebrating good, natural and sustainable practices – a.k.a bicycle commute

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BOTS at Dakshin Pete - celebrating bicycling as a sustainable means of transport

BOTS will be participating at the Dakshin Pete – a market celebrating good, natural and sustainable practices.

You know how cycling fits in!

When – Sunday, 20th October
Time – 10:30am to 6:00pm
Where – ‘Chavdi’, 719/25, 10th A main, Behind Eden Park Restaurant, and near Namdhari’s on 36th Cross, 4 Block Jayanagar (map)

Dakshin Pete also showcases a collection of the best bakes, fresh foods, local produce and organic vegetables and seeds from around our city, and sometimes from afar too!

Consider it an opportunity to meet other like-minded folks, and enjoy a fun Sunday!

dakshin pete - bangalore

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