BOTS and the Art of Bicycle Retailing

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VM & RD - VJ Media - BOTS and the art of bicycle retailing
“BOTS and the art of bicycle retailing” – Read the article online

Our latest store, the Specialized Concept Store, on Infantry Road Bangalore has featured in this months VM & RD Magazine (Visual Merchandizing and Retail Design)

Apart from touching upon the two brands (BOTS and Specialized) at play here, the article focuses upon the retail space itself talking about the various elements at the Specialized Concept store.

Although we have not really spoken much about it, pulling off one of the best retail spaces in the country has been quite exhilarating! That too in the cycling space. We have had loads of folks visiting us tell us that this is the best retail experience ever!

“BOTS and the art of bicycle retailing” – Read it online


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