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Bicycling is all about FREEDOM – cool air flowing thru your hair, freedom from pollution and noise, freedom to go where you want and all about being self sufficient. Not a worry in the world!

On India’s Independence day, we are super happy to re-launch our website. Freedom from age old technologies, change from the older website which was around for almost 7 years and now we are mobile friendly too! 

Cycling is freedom - bumsonthesaddle cycling in Bangalore and India
Srini Pithani, modeling for us

A kickass job by Smashing Pixels. Kudos guys. Absolutely great design work.

A big thanks to Vinkesh Banka for pulling in the great design work over our older site and ensuring we are up live and ready today.

It’s still work in progress and we have a lot more exciting sections coming up. BumsOnTheSaddle has been involved with a LOT of exciting activities over the years and all of it is slowly going to appear on the site!


BOTS in 2007
How the site looked in 2006

A quick nostalgic look at the older site from 2006. The site was great – the only bike shop with an online presence at that time. It had all the required info, was clean and looked beautiful. Thank you for the great design work on this Sunil Katare! The design and layout was so good that it held its ground for eternity (almost). Definitely launched us in style and allowed us to boldly announce to the world that we were awesome!


Blast from the past - discounts at BumsOnTheSaddle!

Trivia – Bikers who know us will never believe this but we had a page on discounts back in 2007. We thought the best way to promote cycling was to throw in a discount.

The page was removed the very next day! Why we removed it is another interesting story ;)

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