Pitching cycling at SAP Labs, Bangalore

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corporate events - pitching cycling to SAP Labs in BangaloreShamala, Suraj and Aditya – all set to have some fun at SAP Labs, Bangalore

Its the SAP Labs health day today – a pretty awesome initiative to get their employees off their desks and onto something interesting as a change.

And this year they have chosen to get their employees on a bicycle!

BumsOnTheSaddle is going to be at the outer ring road office of SAP Labs, Bangalore to show you how much fun cycling can be and to build some fanatics out there.

If you are in that area do swing by and give us a high five :) Do let your friends know too.

We will be running a short session on why bicycling is better than sliced bread and then run a mean bicycling race to get you all charged up for the weekend.

Cya there!

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