Sarvesh interns at BumsOnTheSaddle

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Sarvesh Arya the latest Intern at BumsOnTheSaddle

Sarvesh will be interning at BumsOnTheSaddle over the next 3 months.
His main goal – figure out how bikers in Bangalore can do a lot more bicycling (including us)

We have started a couple of initiatives

  • Sunday Kickstarter rides – medium paced rides, perfect if you are a newbie or would like to enjoy a Sunday ride, meet other bikers and have a good time
  • Wednesday Night rides – fast paced mid week rides to keep the heart pumping and to squeeze in a relaxing night ride in a busy week.
  • Ride/Race list – we are tracking all rides/races in the country and are going to be exposing this info soon. Will hopefully inspire folks to ride/race a whole lot more.

At the moment all these rides are mentioned our presence on Facebook and twitter.

Apart from this he will also be work on mech tech, putting together training plans for our shop racing team and also putting together bike based training routines for strength building that we will be sharing on the BOTS Blog thru the week.

Sarvesh loves road biking and is doing really well at our local races. You can see him on his BTwin sport 1 that has seen more miles on it than the bike can or should take! He is currently looking at upgrading his bike to match his skill levels.

You can reach out to him on Facebook, via email at or on any of the zillion rides that he will be organizing thru the months.

Interested in interning at BumsOnTheSaddle? Just call us, email us or drop in and let us know.

We have a zillion projects to make bicycling better or we could team up and use our experience and expertise to support the ideas you have.

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