Simple Mountain biking exercises

Rohan Kini Bike Skills

Our entire team at BumsOnTheSaddle does a daily stand up at 11am – a good time to share what we intend to do over the day, discuss road blocks and discuss how we will take over the world.

We always kickoff the standup with some exercises. Sarvesh, who is currently interning at BumsOnTheSaddle, is in charge of interesting routines that will not only be fun, but aid us in our biking.

Today exercises are geared to help us while we are mountain biking – basically strengthening our upper/lower body.

Roadie scum could most probably use these too.

Bulgarian split squat

lower body strength exercise


Extend left leg back, placing toes on top of the bench while standing a few feet in front of it with the right leg. Dip down into a lunge, keeping the right knee in line with your heel, until the thigh is parallel to the floor.

Ensure you maintain an erect torso and focus on keeping your front heel firmly on the floor as you descend.

You may feel a stretch in your rear leg

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