BOTS BootCamp | 4 Dec 2011

Rohan Kini Events

The much awaited BOTS Bootcamp is to happen this weekend.

Date: 4 Dec 2011

What time: 9:30am – 11:30am

Where: BumsOnTheSaddle

The Bootcamp is aimed at getting a biker comfortable owning his/her bike and understand how they can derive the max out of it.

What we intend to cover at the BOTS BootCamp

  • Understand your bikeparts of your bike, gears, brakes, suspension, quick releases etc
  • Maintain your bikemaintenance schedule, punctures, issues and solutions and dispel some common myths
  • You and your bikeaches n pains, nutrition, riding techniques, pollution, safety
  • Using your bikecommunities, rides, races, cyclo tours
  • Evangelismhow you can help us help others

If you have not yet received an invite and would like to attend this, please do send us an email at

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