Individual Time Trial – Bangalore Bicycle Championships 2011

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After all the long distance rides at the Bangalore Brevets its time to allow our fast twitch muscles to twitch a bit.

Announcing the first race of 2011 – an Individual Time Trial at the popular TT course off Sarjapura road. This is where the awesome Bangalore Bicycle Championships all started.

7km only and mostly descents! Time to break the speed barrier (safely of course)

Race Details

Where: Chandapura Cross, Sarjapura road Map to location, ignore the date

When: Sunday, 20th Feb 2011

What: Individual Time Trial

Who: Anybody and everybody (get friends and family to cheer you along)

How long: A 7km adrenaline ride of your life (it’s all downhill, beat that)

Any self-propelled contraption can be used

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