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BRM 200K 15 Jan 2011 Finishers

The first brevet ride of the Bangalore Brevets series, a 200km ride in January was fantastic. Over a 100 bikers completed. We even had bikers coming in from other states.

A complete list of the randonneurs who finished the 200Kms. Congratulations everyone!

Snaps of the ride here, here and a many more on the Bangalore Brevet Facebook page

Interested in getting a taste of Randonneuring in India ? And maybe even qualify for the Paris-Brest-Paris in 2012 ? This is your chance.

Details about the 300Km ride this weekend
  • www.bangalorebrevets.in
  • Register for the 300km Brevet
  • Route, instructions and rules

There is a constant Stream of whats happening on the Bangalore Brevets facebook page. Like us and help spread the word :)

Want to help us with the Brevets ? Just shoot us an email at ride@bangalorebrevets.in

Could be as simple as helping us spread the awesomeness of randonneuring among your friends or even helping us organizing some of the most kickass brevet ride in the country!

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