BBCh #11 The Grand Finale of 2010

Rohan Kini Events, Racing


We are thrilled to announce that the season’s final race will be a Criterium Race on the beautiful and green campus of the Raman Research Institute (RRI) on Sunday the 19th of December.

RRI is a relatively small campus with narrow roads and tight corners. This will make for an exciting and exhausting final race where Naveen Raj and Gaurav Dwivedi will battle it out for the mens champions trophy. Manjula Sridhar is however the guaranteed womens champion with a massive margin.

Race Details

Where: Raman Research Institute

When: Sunday, 19 Dec 2010. 8am sharp

What: Criterium Race

Who: Anybody and everybody (get friends and family to cheer you along)

How long: Depends on how much you can ride in 1 Hr (its a 1km loop)

Why: For the one prize that you can never buy off-the-shelf at any store

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