BBCh 7 | 15 Aug 2010 | 0700 hrs | Race to Nandi | ~40km Road race

Quick info

CategoryRoad race with mass start (first past the finish point being declared the winner)

Date : 15 Aug 2010

Registration – please register online

Race Start – 7:00 am sharp

Start point – on the service road opp Cafe Coffee Day (on the right) on Bellary Road (aka the new Airport road). Around 11 km from Columbia Asia Hospital.

Finish point – Summit of Nandi Hills (the Arch)

Race Route

  • From start point, continue on Bellary Road for 17.89 km till you hit Nandi Hills turnoff
  • Take left, continue for 9.83 km till you hit a dead end (Idly Point)
  • Take a left, continue for 3.88 km till you hit the circle
  • Take a right climb up to Nandi hill top (7.57 km climb). The race ends at the arch. Please do not crowd the entrance.

Total race distance: 40km

What are you waiting for, go ahead and REGISTER NOW

Race Support

Due to shortage of volunteers, we will have minimal support on the course. Support will be provided at designated support stations. You will be on your own between the support stations. Please be as self sufficient as possible (tool kit, puncture, water, electral etc). The volunteer team will do their best, but there is no guarantee of support.

Do check out the bicycling notebook for a checklist for longer rides

Very important – Please do appreciate the work the volunteers do, the only reason they are supporting us and not racing is because they love biking as much as you do, and they understand that without volunteerism there can be no race. Think about this and register as volunteers for the future races.

Interested in helping out as a volunteer ? REGISTER NOW

Keep in mind

Helmet and Gloves are mandatory. No excuses.

  • Bellary Road is an extremely busy road with a lot of high speed traffic. All participants should stay on the extreme left of the road and ride in a single file
  • There are no major intersections in the race course. We advise participants to follow all traffic rules and exercise caution at these points.
  • There is ample parking on both sides on the service road in case you want to get your cars. Please be aware that there is no security, you will be leaving the car at your own risk. It may be safer to park somewhere near Columbia Asia and ride up to the start point
  • The race will begin at 7:00 am sharp. If you don’t make it to the start point by 7:00, don’t worry, we will still “enter” you, but the clock will start ticking at 7:00 am.
  • The road is not closed for this event. Participants should expect to encounter traffic at various stages and should apply the same precautions that they would normally apply.
  • Check the Riders page on site to see if your name is mentioned and note down your jersey number (if not, please do send us an email –
  • Rules and Regulations page
  • We fund the races primarily thru the Vitamin M concept
  • F.A.Q

These races are very community oriented. If you would like to contribute back – we are in dire need of posters, wallpapers, photos, writeups about these races and volunteers.

We think its a great idea to get your family and friends to the races, this way we have more ppl to cheer for you and also many photographers at the venue.

Important links

  • Register for the race
  • getting your bicycle race ready
  • Inspiration

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