Race 5 – Bangalore Bicycle Championships

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BBCh 5 | 20th June 2010 | 0730 hrs | Rajankunte | ~62km Road race


Race Details

Date: 20th June 2010 (coming Sunday)

Time: 0730 hrs IST SHARP

Category: Road race

Distance: 62 km ( there is an option to race only 31km if you like )

Location: Rajankunte

To try and get more folks into the racing mode, whenever possible, we will try and keep an option to do a smaller leg of the race. If you are unsure about doing the full race distance you can still give this a shot.

Come by. Soak in the awesome atmosphere. Get to meet some fantastic people (bikers are always nice). And give something new a shot !

What are you waiting for, go ahead and REGISTER NOW

Important stuff

Helmet and Gloves are mandatory. No excuses.

  • Directions to start point
  • Check the Riders page on site to see if your name is mentioned and note down your jersey number (if not, please do send us an email – admin@bangalorebicyclechampionships.com)
  • Rules and Regulations page
  • We fund the races primarily thru the Vitamin M concept
  • F.A.Q

We have positioned 4 sharp shooters at various places on the track to shoot you with their hi fi DSLRs. So, please put your best foot forward :)

These races are very community oriented. If you would like to contribute back – we are in dire need of posters, wallpapers, photos, writeups about these races and volunteers.

We think its a great idea to get your family and friends to the races, this way we have more ppl to cheer for you and also many photographers at the venue.

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