Less than a year ago we had a chance to ride with a biker who rode a heavy dual suspension (umm kinda, we all know that having a heavy spring in the rear does not really qualify for a full sus right !!) on one of those grueling long rides to Bheemeshwari.

While most of us rode our fancy uberlight speed machines, our man rode all the way and back on his dualie, phew! Grit and determination. We saw great racing potential in him, and he didn’t disappoint any of us.

He would eventually go on to win the first race at the Bangalore Bicycle Championships.

He’s none other than Gaurav ‘rocket singh’ Dwivedi.

Gaurav Racing to fourth place at the second race at the BBCh

After the race this is what Georg, winner of the championships in 2009, had to say about Gaurav

“Great race for the season opener, really good,….but to be honest I expected that actually! In less than half a year from pushing your heavy firefox dual suspension up the hill to race champion on a super sleek road bike, that is awesome! Exactly the stuff I like to see with our Bangalore Bikers club, great joy really! Wish you all the success for the season and more”

We are proud to say that the Bangalore Bicycle Championships (a.k.a BBCh) has been instrumental in the formation of some kickass racing teams and Gaurav rides for one such team, Spectrum racing.

Spectrum Racing at the races – Manjula, Siva, Arvind, Ravi and Gaurav

What next ? Well, Gaurav has been invited by KNKYNY racing (another local team) to ride along with them in the Tour of Friendship, a 5 day stage race in Thailand this May. The whole team is currently being trained by Australian pro rider – Darren Reid.

A bunch of us caught up with Gaurav and quizzed him on a couple of things. Here is what he had to say

GaggleOfAdmiringFans – What do you think about the Bangalore Bicycle Championships ?

Gaurav – These races ignite the competitive spirit in me. The idea of someone trying to push me behind, kicks me to ride harder and drives me to do better. There is no better sense of accomplishment than finishing a race well. To all you IT guys, believe me – finishing a race will give you much more satisfaction than delivering a project successfully.

GaggleOfAdmiringFans – Thoughts on winning the first race and about being in the top 5 in the second ?

Gaurav – The first race this season was my first ever attempt at a Time Trial. To me it was tougher than other kind of races. In other races categories you know whom you are competing against. At least some rider would be ahead or behind you. But in a time trial, you just get to compete with yourself. Couldn’t believe it when I got to know the results.

In the second race I was aiming to be in the top 5. I knew that Darren would vanish in no time. Vivek and Georg also overtook in 2nd lap. Naveen was the surprise package in the race and gave a very good fight. I stood 4th and I was extremely satisfied, coz Vivek and Georg were ‘within my sight’ when they completed the race, unlike the previous races. :)

GaggleOfAdmiringFans – Training ?

Gaurav – So far I was not following any proper plan for training. Two 50+ km rides on weekdays and a ~100 km ride on Sat/Sun had been the norm with Team Spectrum, of which I am a part. However, after the confirmation of the Tour of Friendship, Vivek and Darren have been helping me with regular planned training.

GaggleOfAdmiringFans – Team Spectrum ?

Gaurav – Team Spectrum is the brainchild of Dr Arvind Bhateja. He has been instrumental in getting the act together, which includes getting sponsorship from Spectrum Physiotherapy Centre & Sita Bhateja hospital.

The team includes Amrish, Arvind, Manjula, Mohan, Murthy, Siva, Ravi, Ullas and me. We are slowly improving and we plan to kick ass in the upcoming races.

GaggleOfAdmiringFans – Racing with the KYNKYNY team ?

Gaurav – I am extremely privileged to be invited with the KYNKYNY team for the Tour of Friendship. At the end of the day we are all riders, doesn’t really matter to which team we belong. (Read the last sentence as: Let me lay my hands on the magic potion that Kinkys drink before their rides/races and of course find out who ‘Getafix, the druid’ is!!)

GaggleOfAdmiringFans – Do you use a bicycle often in the city ?

Gaurav – I have been regularly commuting to office on the bicycle. I live in BTM and work at Embassy Golf Links Biz park. The to & fro distance comes out to ~19 kms with an average total commute time of about half hour. Yup, am much faster on my bicycle :)

GaggleOfAdmiringFans – Tell us more…

Gaurav – Well, It all started in June, 2009. I had been regularly paying the gym and was using it very irregularly. Gym was basically to keep my weight in check and it was boring as hell, coz of the daily routine and absence of chics umm I mean inspiration. Just went and picked up a cycle and next day I was commuting to work on it. And it was brilliant. Never looked back !

My first BBCh race was the off-road race at Turrahalli. My bike broke down in lap 3. Somehow completed the race. And this is how it all began. Couldn’t bear to see people zipping past me, so upgraded to a super sexy bike in Aug.

Wow. Thats super exciting. Thank you Gaurav. We wish you the very best for the next season of racing at the oh-so-exciting Bangalore Bicycle Championships and also at the Tour of Friendship.

the BBCh Race Marshals Team

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