Bangalore Bicycle Championships – Race 2

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Racing bicycles does keep you happy. Check out that smile :)

Raceday is just around the corner and we have a kick ass trail all ready to be burnt up.

Race Details

Date: 21st March 2010

Time: 0700 hrs IST (volunteers meet at 6:30am)

Category: Off road Trail ride

Distance: 22km (5.5km loop x 4 laps)

What are you waiting for, go ahead and REGISTER NOW

This race onwards, we will have a small handout which will have all the details (driving directions, checklist, map etc) about the race. Makes it much simpler to keep a printout with you on race day rather than scrambling for driving instruction. Please try and use waste paper to take this printout.

If you have ideas on how to make this better, please do let us know.

download the handout

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