Bicycle Racing in 2010 @ Bangalore Bicycle Championships

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The first race of 2010 at the Bangalore Bicycle Championships is just around the corner.

How ready are you this time around ?

2009 was fantastic, with some hardcore racing. We had some superb volunteering, fantastic coordinating and many many brilliant rides.

Memorable indeed (check out some of the moments. You have more ? Share them with all of us)

The bikers were exposed to all kinds of racing – Time Trials, Road races, Trail rides, Criteriums and even some kiddie races.

2010 promised to be a whole new wheel game.

  • Bikers have been riding hard, commuting hard and training hard. We are sure to experience some strong riding at the front.
  • Quite a few teams have been formed and bikers are training along with their teams. We are definitely looking at some team events during the year.
  • More hardcore racing, guaranteed to take your riding to the next level.
  • and much much more

As usual, its a lot of hard, exciting and satisfying work behind the scenes to deliver race after perfect race. If this excites you and you think you would like to make a difference in this space – ping us. There is always a need for yet another awesome biker who is willing to help out !

Train Hard. Race Harder. Life is too short to be a wimp

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