CPR and First Aid for Bicyclists

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Have you ever

  • wondered what first aid to carry with you on a long ride?
  • administered first-aid to a fallen bicyclist?
  • seen bollywood movies where the hero beats the chest of his sweet-heart and brings her back to consciousness (lol) ? And wondered if that is really needed ?
  • why an army doctor and an ardent bicyclist carried a sanitary napkin with him on a trip to Muthathi ?

Get the answers !

When: Saturday, February 20th

When: 6PM

Where: At BumsOnTheSaddle, the terrace

Dr.Major Srinivas, an army major and a doctor will be giving us a CPR and First Aid session in case a friend needs it. He would also be talking to us on how to take care of ourselves should we ever have a fall.

The best part, in the true BBC spirit of gaining critical mass for bicycling, this session is free. Yay.
Oh and its a B.Y.O.B event

Thanks to Yogesh and Dr Major Srinivas for making this happen !


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