Darren Reid is a pro biker from Australia who is currently spending some time in India. He is currently sponsored by Rapha clothing (the prada of bike clothes) and embrocation cycling magazine (it`s a great read. Check them out). If you like what you see, your welcome to ping Darren and order stuff thru him.

Darren has been racing for over 20 years and is currently racing with us in Bangalore at the Bangalore Bicycle Championships. Definitely good to have someone so experienced in our formative years !

Over to Darren. We are all ears ;)

BumsOnTheSaddle had asked me to give you the the inside on crit racing. So here goes.

I`ve been racing in some form or the other for the last 20 years – BMX, road races, MTB, cyclocross, Time Trials or crits. And I have loved racing them all.
It always great to try something new – a new style, form or bike. After trying various combinations you start to feel which style you like best or which suits you the best !

For me, the classics hit the spot. One day races, over 100kms and you ride one all out. Its the strong mans race. My forte.
I wasn’t so good on tours. I rode them in support of my team captains and I was used as horse power on the many teams I have raced for.

The other two styles I love are cyclocross and critirium racing.

Crits are fast and you need to give 100% the entire duration. There is also the technical side where you learn how to ride the perfect line in and out of a corner, time after time. Learning where to brake before the corner and then where to stamp on the pedals coming out. It is awesome fun and hard at the same time.

You also get to use tactics like when and where to attack the riders you are riding with. Is the guy next to me looking tried ? should I attack now ? If I go can I stay out there all alone ?

In crit racing its all about spilt second decisions. All while your riding at speeds over 40km an hour.

It is great fun even when I`m sitting here, thinking and writing this down. I start to think about all the crits I`ve down – some of the best ones in Japan, the States and the caribbean. Racing for the TREK marco polo team. Im starting to get that racing itch for sunday already !

The Bangalore Bicycle Championships in Bangalore are a great way to try all these different styles of racing in a relaxed and well organized way. Besides its a great way to meet a lot of goods riders and get inspired.

Please come out and take part in a fun race this weekend.

Cheers for now and good racing this sunday !

~ Darren Reid

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