Its race weekend, Bangalore Bicycle Championships

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Its a race weekend, with 16th Aug being the race day.

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Update: Please follow the BBCh race 4 thread on BangaloreBikersClub for more updates on tomorrow race.

Interesting details

Date and Time

The race will be held on Sunday (16th) at 7 am

Route and Location

It will be an MTB off-road race similar to race 3 and will either be in loop format or start to finish.

Its rumored to be some kickass off road terrain ! Local bikers – Jaleel, Nelly, Vasu, Rajat and Pradeep have spent some trail time to ensure this.

More details to be posted on the Official Website of the Bangalore Bicycle Championships.


As in the earlier races riders must carry all items that they think they would require on the race. There will be aid station(s) providing banana/electrolyte/water refills and an emergency medical kit for cuts and bruises.

But please do try and be self sufficient.


During registration apart from your name, email-id and participation level (racer/volunteer) you need to enter a Jersey number if you have one. If you dont have one, we will give you one.

Since the Jersey number assignment is not automated it will take some time for your name to appear in the Riders list so don’t worry.

Register Now


Read the FAQ, Rules and Safety information

Please remember to check your emails late evening tomorrow for route details and driving directions

Spread the word

These events are great fun and a great place to meet up with fellow cyclists (newbies, gurus and everyone in between). So let your friends know and don’t worry if you ain’t got the fancy jerseys and shorts – the torn jeans and faded tees are just fine as long as you get your helmet, gloves and a bike that you can ride :)

Looking forward to seeing you all.

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