Race leaders: Georg Leuzinger (in Yellow), Juerg Mueller (left), Prashanth Selvaraj (right, kneeling)

The Race 3 of the Bangalore Bicycle Championships (BBChwe all love abbrevations, dont we) just got over and it was awesome, as usual.

We had plenty of fantastic photographers who completely covered the event.

Photographs by

whew !

and some superb video coverage by Stanzin.

The Volunteer team (most of them)

Volunteers are the most important people at any Race. Its their hard work that makes these races happen.

And the BBCh races have been tremendous – without a glitch and plenty of fun !

Race Standings – Men
  1. Georg Leuzinger
  2. Juerg Mueller
  3. Prashanth Selvaraj
Race Standings – Women
  1. Celine Firtion
  2. Neera Katwal
  3. Manjula Sridhar

Race brief

We had about 70+ bikers who turned up for this event, which was an off road event

The trail was an easy ride, if you wanted it to be. But there were plenty of fast sections where you could show off your riding prowess (if you had any)

A very good trail for beginners as well as the more experienced riders.

Perfect for the first off road event at BBCh.

Thanks to Siva for finding this superb ride.

Directions in case you are interested – till the start point
and the actual trail

The race was about 22km (5 laps of 4.4kms each)

Exciting happenings

We had a yellow jersey this race. Thanks to Modi for running around and getting the printing done at the last moment. Georg (who got to wear the jersey) loved it and the handover of the jersey was quite a ceremony.

The next race

is just around the corner. So start training and get ready for yet another off road ride.

When: 16 August 2009 (a Sunday)

Where: rumored to be somewhere in South Bangalore.

Register Here

We will be posting up more info here and on the official site.

Keep an eye out. And train hard !

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