Trail riding Nandi

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warning: Trails up ahead !

So far its been just the road bikers who have hit Nandi Hills with a vengeance.

Us trail riders were kinda feeling left out of the fun. So, the BOTS team decided to find some trails and ride them ! And ride them we did.

The trails are kinda dangerous at the moment, lots thorny bushes and rocky as hell. Trails like these make you pray for a good bike, and also make you understand your bike better – why disc brakes matter ? why is frame size such a big deal ? suspension on a bicycle ?? Technical riding ? A bicycle costing more than Rs 20,000 ?

We have ridden two trails and have cleared them up a bit – at least the big loose rocks and most of the thorny bushes are out of the way. Now our plan is to make the trail safer and also mark more technical sections. And if possible make it as fast as possible !

Need people to do all this. Up for this ? Ping us :)

Some pics from our ride – here and here

Some Videos

Jump .. Jump

another Jump

Chasing Bullocks :)

a bit of a trail

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