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Brevets (long distance endurance cycling events of 200/300/400/600 kilometres that are supposed to be completed in a stipulated time) have caught the fancy of cyclists across India. With various randonneuring clubs in different parts of the country and with a spirited participation from a handful of Indian cyclists in the recently concluded Paris-Brest-Paris 2015, there seems to be a spike in …

Basic bicycle maintenance tips – how to wash a bike

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Quick tips from Shamala, one of our bike mech’s, on how to keep your bike clean and sparkling. Time: 20 mins Skill rating: Easy Tools: Hot water, degreaser, a bicycle specific chain lubricant, brushes, rags photo credit: “What you see is what you believe” – most people think a clean bike is the first sign of a great service. Some …

Primer on Power

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For the longest time, I kept telling myself: “I don’t train, I just ride my bike for fun”. After twiddling along for a while, I realized, if I’m out there riding my bike everyday, rubbing up against my limits and then pushing them, then I am training. And if I’m vesting time in a hobby, why not see how good …

Why good bike shops are so awesome

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Black Peak Cycles Pro Build from Stash Media Worx on Vimeo. Some of the best things about running/working at a bike shop is that you work intelligently yet emotionally with your hands, interact with loads of good people (bikers are all good people right!) and work on some of the simplest, beautiful and yet most efficient machines on the planet! Can’t get …

The Whip – jumping skills

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Credit: Dave Trumpore Do read up more about The Whip, a cool jumping technique. We did get to watch a couple of our bikers try these at our prev DownHill Race at our awesome Bangalore Bicycle Championship race. Check out these guys in action Check out more of these amazing photos of bikers flying!

Simple Mountain biking exercises

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Our entire team at BumsOnTheSaddle does a daily stand up at 11am – a good time to share what we intend to do over the day, discuss road blocks and discuss how we will take over the world. We always kickoff the standup with some exercises. Sarvesh, who is currently interning at BumsOnTheSaddle, is in charge of interesting routines that …

The Art of Washing your bicycle

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Dedicated to all those grimy bikes that come to BumsOnTheSaddle How to Wash Your Bicycle from Rebecca Jensen on Vimeo. Washing is not just to make your bike look good, its also critical to ensuring your bike rides well. Most of what is used in the video is available in India. Ping us if you need alternatives or if you …