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It’s awesome that you have decided to do triathlon only a few brave humans can make this decision. It’s going to be a sweet journey involving various levels of training and workouts. But to make your training more enjoyable and comfortable you should consider these 5 essentials which will make your life easier on the bike.


First and foremost thing to consider is a proper bike that suits the sport. I would recommend you to avoid using hybrid or mountain bike (Assuming it’s an on-road event). And I would recommend training on the bike that you would be using during the event. It is a good idea to invest in a road bike, to begin with from a reputed brand. Choose the right frame size and get a bike fit specifically for triathlon.


TT bars are the quickest and economical upgrade you can make to your bike which will improve the speed by reducing the drag. TT bars are the extenders which are mounted on top of the handlebars. TT bars put you in an aero position due to which wind resistance is reduced and due to the forward position, you will be able to produce more power.


The hydration cages that mount on the back of the saddle is advised to be used. In this position the bottle will be hidden behind the rider which help in minimizing the drag. These cages also help in carrying the tool bottles which may com handy in the race.


A comfortable apparel is very important to complete the race successfully triathlon specific apparel can save you from time and other hassles during the transition. These suits are engineered to support all three segment of sports.


Last but not least a nutrition pouch can support you a lot during your race. Nutrition bag carries the nutritional supplies required for the race. Cycling is the convenient segment in triathlon where one can fuel up for the race on the go. Make sure to carry your nutrition supplies in an aerodynamic bag which sits on the top tube of the bicycle.

Triathlon is a very demanding sport every minute detail matters. Start to train early so you know what works for you and what does not. But the above essentials are very much recommended as there is no close substitute for it.

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