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zombie apocalypse night rides

Once a month we run something called the Zombie Apocalypse Ride. Also called the Amavasya Ride or fondly the MLONR (Moon Lit Over Nite Ride)

The goal – ride all night! Off Road! Yup – not for the weak-hearted.

Keep an eye on our events page (link) for this ride that pops up once a month. Typically this is on a Monday night and we prefer full moon nights.

Thats when the magic happens, is what we hear.


Start around 9:30PM from BumsOnTheSaddle Jayanagar
Finish around 6:30am at BOTS
Distance: About 100+kms

This ride has been Murali Dharan’s baby and here are some Murali’s recommendations:

  • Bike with a front suspension
  • 38C tires would be great
  • Fuel for the ride (we take about 3 breaks)
  • Patch kits, spare tubes, mini pumps
  • Gloves and helmets mandatory
  • Good lights on the bike with spare batteries
  • First aid for yourself and one more person
  • At least Rs 300 (luggage charges for a bus trip back to Bangalore if required)

The ride can be chilling at times. Previous rides had stories about rustling bushes and unseen animals enroute!