Prasad Erande: Cycling 15,000kms across India


September 1, 2014 by Rohan Kini

Prasad Erande landed at BumsOnTheSaddle after completed 7,500KMs from his 15,000KM bicycle ride across India!


This is his attempt at setting a Guinness record for the longest distance in the shorted time on a bicycle.

Started: from Pune on 22 JUNE
Total distance: 15,000KM
Completed: 7500KM
About 50 more days on the saddle.

He and his support crew have had quite a journey as seen on their digital camera. His goal is to meet Rahul Dravid in Bangalore!

milkha singhPrasad blessed by Milkha Singh enroute his journey

Journey till now: Maharashtra – Gujarat – Rajasthan – Delhi – Haryana – Punjab – UP – Madhya Pradesh – Andhra Pradesh – Karnataka (BOTS)

Next: Tamil Nadu – Hyderabad – Maharashtra – Chhattisgarh – West Bengal – Orissa – Andhra Pradesh – Tamil Nadu – Kerala – Goa – Pune 

Was definitely good talking to someone so passionate about his ride.

interviewVishnu talking to Prasad about his journey

Q & A with Vishnu

Q: What motivated you to cycle?
A: I was initially interested in fitness and then discovered cycling. I loved to ride my bike. My earlier bike was heavy but I could still ride it over long distances. With the new imported cycles, riding longer distances is so easy.

I searched the internet for “long race” and discovered the World Cycle Race (, decided to apply for it and was chosen.
And the journey begins.

world cycle race

Q: Why are you looking to set a Guinness record?
A: I always wanted to set a record. When I started cycling this became a possibility.
In 2 years I want to become an Indian champion and in 3 years I want to become a champion worldwide.
With a cycle anyone can become a champion.

Q: How are Indian roads?
A: U.P, M.P and Bihar have really bad roads. Everywhere else is great.

Q: Weather?
A: Gujarat and Rajasthan were really hot. I was burn black there. Well, actually I am already dark skinned (laughs)
Riding in rain is ok, but wind is the killer. It reduces overall speed and I am on a mission to finish this ride in time.

Q: What do you do apart from cycling?
A: At the moment, its only cycling.

Q: How do people around you support you?
A: Everyone is very supportive. My mother runs an eatery back home and helps me financially.
I also have solid support from my entire family – including my wife and 4 year old daughter.
I also have on-ride 4 member support team. They drive, I ride.

Q: How much are you spending on this? Are you sponsored?
A: I had initially budgeted about 5 lakhs. Two months on the road and it looks like I will need about 6 lakhs for the 15,000 KM journey.
This includes everything for me and my support team. I am spending all this money out of my pocket with the hope to land a good sponsorship deal once I set the Guinness record.
I am extremely positive about getting sponsorships once I set the first record and show the world!

Q: What’s your message?
A: I just wanted to break records when I started out. I did not start out with a message. My goal was to ride 200KM a day.
On the ride I met a reporter who said I should add a social message to get more ride support. He also recommended I stop and talk to people to let them know about my journey.

This made me think and change my initial plans. At the same time I wanted to support something that made sense to me.
I have a girl child and I ride a lot – these were my two major social messages!
– Dont kill a girl child
– Bike to the Future

1-IMG_2608 small

I ride so much. I’m sure folks everywhere can ride for atleast 1 hour a day and save petrol, money and get healthy at the same time!

Cycling can solve so many of the worlds problems.

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