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December 1, 2012 by Rohan Kini

online bicycle shop for India
the online bike shop – front page showing awesome ParkTool tools for immediate purchase across India

It’s been over a month since our previous communication about @bumsonthesaddle¬†kicking off an e-commerce platform to ensure we can cater to cyclists across the country.

Quite a few things have happened since then

  • Credit card, Debit card and Netbanking options to pay. NEFT sucked big time and was eliminated.¬†
  • The marketing has been organic so far – not really pushed it on any platform
  • Have shipped products to a handful of bikers across the country already
  • Working steadily to improve the platform and making it easier to find and purchase accessories and spares

Please do help us spread the word. We are just starting off and would love any feedback that comes our way.

India's online bike shop - superb range of cycling accessories with delivery across India

  • mohit raju

    Finally a much needed (really cool)revamp. And I always liked the new look of the blog. But seriously what’s up with the home page ?

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