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October 17, 2012 by Rohan Kini

We just went live with the first cut of the BumsOnTheSaddle Online store –

You cannot buy anything yet. It’s “Coming Soon” ;)

At BumsOnTheSaddle we believe in being a Local Bike Shop – a fantastic creative space filled with awesome Bicycles, Bicycling, Passion and Community. Where we can celebrate cycling and inspire folks to get onto a bike and watch it change their lives.

We have done that for years and would hate to not have a personal connect with our bikers.

At the same time we would love to be in every nook and cranny of India. While we we cannot do it physically, we can definitely do it virtually (if you think you can re-create a BumsOnTheSaddle wherever you are, we would love to hear from you).

We definitely would like to share this journey with you and would love it if you can tell us what you would like to see as we go about building this.

Time to have some fun! Please do help us spread the word.

ps: This effort is not a solo effort. We have partnered with an equally brilliant partner who is doing some serious heavy lifting to ensure we have the best e-commerce platform to ensure we realize our dream. More on this later and more purple power to them!

  • Abhi

    Just waiting. I do have a few things to pickup for my BTwin RR. My proud new possession.. :)

    • bumsonthesaddle

      Congratulations on your new bike Abhi :) Want to join us for a nice morning ride or a race the coming Sunday?

  • good luck guys, BOTS rock!

    • bumsonthesaddle

      Thanks Ankush :)

  • Balu

    Nice, All the best for your new venture.

    • bumsonthesaddle

      Thanks Balu!

  • This was long overdue. Congratulations on getting it out of the door. Hope to see more BOTS

  • Feature request. Please create a publicly sharable wishlist. Psstt.. my b’day is around the corner.

    • bumsonthesaddle

      Awesome :) Added to our backlog!

  • Sridhar Namachivayan

    Congrats Rohan. All the best. Believe you will be taking care of the required online security for your website and secure the details of the potential buyers…

    • bumsonthesaddle

      Oh yeah! We have some of the best in the Industry doing this for us :)

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