Bangalore Bicycle Championships 2009 Winners

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Winners of the 2009 Season – Manjula (womens) and Georg (mens)

shot by SignaOne

We started the 2010 season of the Bangalore Bicycle Championships with a kick-ass Individual Time Trial

The Race was awesome with some phenomenal turn out. Good to see a sea change from last year – better bikes, better timings and lot of people who seem to have taken bicycle racing a tad more seriously.

We are definitely heading down the right path.

Rolling Trophies

One of the highlights were the BBCh Rolling Trophies which were handed over to last year Winners – Georg and Manjula.

Congratulations guys. Enjoy it over this season and showcase it for all its worth !

Thanks to Mr 69 (a.k.a Vivek) for spending a lot of time in making this trophy happen. We gave him some old sprockets and he turned them into magical trophies at his playground at KYNKYNY. An avid biker, a very good friend and also a manager of a wonderful racing team – kynkyny racing. Fantastic Job dude !

The Yellow winners Jersey along with the rolling trophy at the race

We have a ton of pics of the first race of the season here, here, here and here

Thanks to all the photographers who woke up early in the morning to capture this event !

as usual, there are quite a few threads on our super awesome BangaloreBikersClub about the prev race and also discussions about the next race.

So join up !

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