Look, the company behind the KEO Pedals was founded in 1951 by Jean Beyl in the small town of Nevers, France. Jean got his start in skiing, where he invented the Look Nevada Dual Pivot ski-binding, after suffering major injuries to his legs using fixed bindings.

Look Used Their Ski Tech to Revolutionize Cycling Forever!

The company took its newly developed binding, and adapted the technology for use on bicycles, and in 1984 launched the first automatic release clipless pedals, called the PP65. They were used first by cyclist Bernard Hinault who won the Tour de France the following year using them.

Bernard Hinault Before Winning the Tour de France in 1985 using Look Pedals

Look’s cleat system, where a triangular plastic cleat bolted to the sole of the shoe and snapped into spring-loaded jaws, releasing with a twist of the ankle, was revolutionary. It was much easier to engage and release and it was safer in crashes. Because of the stiffer sole and heel cup needed for using clipless pedals, power transfer was more efficient. 

Look didn’t know it then, but they changed the cycling world forever with their clipless technology.


At BUMSONTHESADDLE, we’re pleased to announce that the following Look Keo Pedals are now available both on our website and store!

  • Keo Classic 3
  • Keo Classic 3 Plus
  • Keo Blade Carbon
  • Keo Max 2 Carbon
  • Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic
  • Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti

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Pedal body: Composite | Spindle: Chromoly | Release tension: 8-12Nm

The Perfect Entry-Level Clipless Pedals Ideal for Beginners

The Keo Classic 3 is for those riders who do aren’t bothered by counting weight and other minute details. If you’re looking to make the transition from flat pedals to clipless, then these pedals are the perfect starter set!

They offer a composite body, with a durable Chromoly spindle and an adjustable release tension, so you can easily get your foot out. The platform is 60mm wide and has an area of 400mm², and wight 130gms per unit.


Pedal body: Composite | Spindle: Chromoly | Release tension: 8-12Nm

“Affordable Pedals That Last”

The Keo Classic 3 Plus is a step up from the Classic by adding additional stainless steel around the primary contact areas of the pedal to improve durability, which Look claims to add extra stiffness to the pedal body.

It sports an identical coil spring, adjustable tension release, Chromoly spindle, and a 400mm² platform area.


Pedal body: Carbon | Spindle: Chromoly+ | Release tension: 8Nm installed, 12Nm included

The Best of Premium and an Affordable Pricepoint

The starter pedals in Look’s Keo Carbon range, the Keo Blade is comprised of a carbon pedal body, carbon leaf-spring-based retention, a Chromoly spindle, and stainless steel bearings.

Keeping in mind that it isn’t the most premium carbon pedal Look has to offer, it still sports a 67mm body width, 700mm² platform area, the all-important contoured stainless pad, and are claimed to weigh 115g per side.

In the box, the Keo Blade Carbon comes with the 8Nm release tension blade installed, with a 12Nm included in the box. As they are a paired down version of the more expensive models, stronger blades can be installed if needed. 


Pedal body: Carbon | Spindle: Chromoly+ | Release tension: 8-12Nm

“High-Performance Carbon, with a Traditional Design”

The Keo 2 Max Carbon borrows many of the design cues from the Keo Blade; except instead of a carbon leaf spring retaining the cleat, the pedals have a standard steel coil spring for cleat retention.

It adds some weight to the pedal but makes adjusting the release tension a job that can be done on the roadside, and also makes the pedal settle in the right orientation when you unclip, so you won’t need to paw at it before you clip in.

As the name suggests, the pedal body is made from carbon, and the pedals are claimed to weigh 125g per side.

The platform is 60mm wide, making for a 500mm² platform area, though the stainless steel pad lacks the contouring found on the Keo pedals, which can create the sloppy connection and rocking that has plagued the french pedals for years.


Pedal body: Carbon | Spindle: Chromoly+ | Release tension: 2x 12Nm

“The Second Best Pedals on the Market!”

The Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic is said to be the second-best Carbon clipless pedals on the market after its bigger brother the Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti.

The pedal is identical to its more expensive brother in all ways apart from the Titanium Spindle being replaced by a Chromoly axle. The pedals weigh 110gms per unit.

The Kep Blade Carbon Ceramic uses carbon leaf-spring retention, carbon body, contoured stainless steel pedal platform and semi-waterproof ceramic bearings. With a 700mm² pedalling platform, they come with two sets of 12Nm blades, with the 16- and 20Nm sold separately.


Pedal body: Carbon | Spindle: Titanium | Release tension: 16Nm installed, 12Nm included

“The Crème de la Crème of the Clipless Pedal Universe”

The Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti is the best of the best in the clipless pedal universe. Using Look’s Carbon Blade leaf-spring technology, the Keo Blade Ceramic Ti tips the scales at under 100g per side and features a carbon pedal body. 

More than just being one of the lightest pedals ever produced. Look says that the use of a blade instead of the traditional spring system also makes the pedals one of the most aerodynamic as well.

The use of an all-carbon blade means that it is extremely light, but also more susceptible to damage, so they will need taking care of if you don’t want to see all your money vanish before you. The pedals come with a 16- and 12Nm blade in the box with a 20Nm version sold separately.

A titanium spindle spins inside ceramic bearings, which the brand says will last four to six times longer than comparable stainless steel bearings, and create 18 per cent less friction than a traditional bearing.

These pedals also see a new double seal system that IPX7 rated for full immersion and IPX6 with a rotating pedal exposed to water jets.

The Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti features a 67mm contoured pedal platform, which mostly eliminates the rocking experienced with previous versions, and creates a 700mm² platform.

Look KEO are the pioneers in the clipless pedal scene and are one of the most well known and trusted brands in the cycling industry. Their products cater to a wide market, with products for everyday folk, to top-spec professional gear made with ceramic and carbon-fibre.

Regardless of what you pick up, you’re bound not notice a significant difference in your pedalling and power delivery. As well as rock solid build quality which will last you a lifetime. Check out our range of Look KEO products available at our store and on our website.

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