Kona Bikes is synonymous with good quality bikes across the world. An originally Canadian bicycle brand, currently based out of Washington, Kona produces a complete range of road, commuter, cyclocross, and mountain bikes.

The Kona Dew 2021 is the latest iteration of the company’s classic all-around commuter bike, aimed at providing a comfortable fun riding experience at an affordable price point.

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The Kona Dew is a versatile, dependable, and stylish urban bike that’s fully equipped to handle modern-day inner-city errands to countryside explorations. The modernised 2021 Kona Dew sports a sweet new 2×8 Shimano drivetrain, with integrated shifters and Tektro Disc Brakes.

Premium Components at an Affordable Price Point!

The Kona Dew offers good value for money to those who are looking for a high-quality commuter bike which is equal parts functional and fun, without breaking the bank. The Dew is priced competitively when compared to its competitors in the same category.

The frame in its new bright matte Blood Orange is not just awesome to look at, it’s even better to ride. The Dew is fully capable of hobbing curbs, crushing potholes, and cruising down straights, and will leave you with a smile on your face regardless of how you ride it.


The frame is the most important part of the bike as it defines the bike’s riding characteristics and components are secondary. Ironically enough, it’s the one part that riders know the least about. It’s important you choose a well-built frame and one that is of appropriate fit for your body dimensions and suits your kind of riding.

The Kona Dew is built using Kona’s 6061 Butted Aluminum alloy, which in laymen terms means that the tubing’s wall thickness is increased or decreased, as well as shaped so that each bike can be fine-tuned to a particular frame strength to suit the intended ride characteristics. This allows extremely tough, durable, but most importantly super lightweight bikes which are a joy to ride.

Internal Cable Routing for a Clean Exterior!

The Frame sports a slightly unconventional shape, with unapologetic welds, which add to the character of the bike. The frame also features internal cable routing which adds to the bikes clean and unique design aesthetic.

Unapologetically Bold Welds Sets This Bike Apart from the Rest!


The Kona Dew comes with Shimano Altus front and rear derailleurs. It’s a simple 8×2 setup which is perfect for commuting, offering enough range to cover steep inclines as well as fast straights.

The bike uses Tektro M280 Mechanical Disk Brakes, with 160mm front and rear rotors. These disc brakes are reliable and low maintenance and allow for great stopping power even on the wettest of conditions. The 160mm rotors are extremely commonplace making procuring spares a piece of cake. Also, no hydraulics means no messy liquids to deal with should your cables get damaged or vandalised.

Disk Brakes Will Keep Your Braking Reliable Even in the Wettest Conditions

Despite not offering any suspension, the inclusion of 47c WTB Horizon tyres offers great width and flex, making for a supremely comfortable ride across most terrains. Almost all quality cyclocross/gravel bikes offer WTB tyres, and it’s great to see Kona offering this on a bike at this price point.


The Dew comes with double-wall alloy 650B rims. The 650B tyres (also known as 27.5″ tyres) offer a lower standover height than a typical 700c wheel, which most hybrid bicycles come with, and makes for easier riding in city riding conditions where there is a lot of stop/go situations where you will have to constantly hop on and off the bike.

WTB Horizon 650B Tires are the Most Classic Tires You Can Rock!

650b wheels and tires have a similar overall diameter to a traditional 700c gravel or commuting tire, but with a smaller diameter rim, the Kona Dew comes with a wider, taller tire. Interesting! The extra air volume in this new generation of urban and mixed-surface tires means they can be run comfortably at lower pressures while still rolling quickly on a variety of surfaces. It’s the best of both worlds.


The bike comes with a 2 x 8-Speed Shimano Altus drivetrain, which is far more convenient to operate than the typical 3x crankset up front. And given it’s intended use as a commuter bike, the weight saved from sparing the additional gear up front means a lighter and more nimble bike.

High-Quality 2×8 Shimano Altus Groupset is the Perfect Combination of Quality and Practicality for Commuting!


Kona offers a lifetime warranty on all their bike frames, with a one-year limited warranty on the complete bicycle should the bike come with any defects in materials or workmanship.


  • Frame Material: Kona 6061 Aluminum Butted
  • Wheels: Double-wall alloy 650b
  • Fork: Kona Project Two Disc
  • Crankset: Shimano Altus
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Altus 8spd
  • Brakes: Tektro M280 Mechanical with 160mm front/160mm rear rotor
  • Seat Post: Kona Commuter 27.2mm
  • Cockpit: Kona Aluminum Riser, Kona Control Stem, Kona Key Grip
  • Front Tire: WTB Horizon Comp 650x47c
  • Rear tire: WTB Horizon Comp 650x47c
  • Saddle: Kona Commuter


The Kona Dew is a great bang for your buck commuter bike. If you’re looking for a simple bike that can enjoy riding all over town, commute to work, get some level of fitness, and use this as a replacement fr your car/motorbike – this bike is definitely worth considering. Its unique frame and the wide 650b tyres make for a riding experience like no other.

Affordable, Stylish, and Comfortable

Last but not the least the bike’s unique look and electric color are guaranteed to have heads turning!

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