As riders, we’re always on the lookout to ride faster and reach our destination faster – the destination could be a daily commute from work back home in the evening or the finish line of a hard bicycle race.

A wheel upgrade is one of the simplest and most value-for-money upgrades you can make in this department.

The good news – we offer fully custom hand-built wheel options for anyone looking at high-quality wheels for their road or mountain bikes. Looking for trainer wheels, no worries – we have them too.


There are multiple reasons to opt for a custom hand built wheel

  1. You’re looking at upgrading your bike ride – like we mentioned, wheels are the best bang for the buck you can squeeze out of your bike
  2. Maybe your wheels are damaged and its time to get a new pair
  3. Looking for better lighter wheels to enjoy your daily commute or weekend rides
  4. Upgrade your wheels to ride faster, longer and harder and accomplish your goals

Whatever be the case, a wheel upgrade is never a bad idea.

Upgrading wheels give an immediate performance boost or help you ride faster, climb more efficiently, and tackle downhill terrain more aggressively.

The best part of going down the custom wheel builds route – they’re built according to your needs and requirements vs the standard stock wheels that your bike rolled out with.


The biggest advantage of custom wheel builds, like any custom job, is that you can choose your components. Essentially you are in control of everything.

  • You can choose the components of your choice – hubs, rims, and spokes
  • Weight is an important aspect of a wheel – you can gun for uber lightweight wheels that are still strong and sturdy
  • Looking for high-performance? Well, you can easily mix and match high-performance component and build the wheel of your dreams
  • You can control the final cost of your wheel build by choosing where you spend your money
  • Hand-built wheels are always strong and durable
  • Color options, though limited, are definitely available

With the ability to choose exactly which component you want on your wheel, you are able to control a bunch of parameters that would otherwise be controlled by wheel manufacturers or your bike brand. How cool is that!


The Custom Built Wheels available at BUMSONTHESADDLE are a great choice for riders looking at upgrading from their current wheelsets.

Bicycle wheels are complex structures subjected to different kinds of uneven loads all the time. It’s important to note that fatigue is by far the primary source of failure, with corrosion and crash damage coming in a distant 2nd and 3rd place.  Small details in our thorough build procedures and component selection have dramatically increased the lifespan of our custom-built wheels. 

We ensure that multiple quality assurance checkpoints are run to guarantee spoke tension consistency, maximize wheel strength, and deliver wheels that stay true for thousands of trouble-free miles.

Having a visually straight wheel means very little, and is not a reliable metric for evaluating the quality of a wheel build. Things such as improperly tensioned spokes will always fail first in high cycle fatigue regardless of how true a wheel is. It’s little things such as these that make our custom built wheels truly remarkable and safe for the rider,

Our Mech Ravi working his magic!

We have a choice of four pre-configured wheels for Road bikes, Hybrids, and MTBs – Additionally, we also have a pre-configured trainer wheel option for those riders who use wheel-on bicycle trainers.

Our pre-configured options are great for those riders who want custom wheels which comprise of components that we have personally selected for reliability, durability, and performance. You have the ability to make changes to the wheel configuration if you so wish.

Our wheels are built out of only the very best, high-quality parts. Hand-built by our very own trustee mechanic Ravi Kumar – with years of bike mech and wheel building experience.

There you go! Looking at upgrading your wheelset? Our custom wheel builds are the best way to go.

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