Founded way back in 1933 in Vicenza, Campagnolo is one of the most prestigious and most well-known road bike groupset and bike component manufacturers. Campagnolo is the world’s oldest manufacturer of bicycle groupsets and they are the company that actually invented the rear derailleur! They produce professional-level components for some of the world’s top cycling teams but they also make stuff for most of us regular ‘weekend warriors’ too.

Campagnolo’s class and success are indisputable. Bikes equipped with its components have won every type of race over the years: Classic races, stage races, and minor races. Even more impressive is the fact that Campagnolo holds more than 135 different patients for innovations in cycling innovations. The brand has often been a benchmark for other rivaling companies in terms of quality, longevity and overall product design.

FUN FACT – Campagnolo patented the quick-release mechanism in 1930. It is still used to fasten bike wheels in frames today. 

S-Works Venge with Campagnolo Record EPS

Campagnolo had managed to maintain its competitive edge even today – they were in fierce competition with rivals such as Shimano and SRAM to continue to improve the performance and weight of the groupsets components. Shimano still holds 1st place in terms of overall sales and popularity worldwide. Campagnolo however, caters to a completely different target audience. While Shimano caters to the entry-level mass markets, Campagnolo focuses on the professional/semi-professional athletes who are looking at serious performance. Campagnolo caters to a niche, but it’s a niche that they’ve learned to dominate. Ask any pro roadie out there and they’ll tell you that Campagnolo groupsets are probably the best in the world. Both in terms of quality and performance there little to no argument against Campagnolo groupsets and components.

The tool of the cyclist’s trade is a bicycle: made of a frame, transmission, and wheels. A frame, beautiful and important as it may be, is not capable of movement. Campagnolo brings the frame to life by adding movement.


The hierarchy of Campagnolo groupsets from professional to entry-level is as follows:

  1. Super Record EPS (electronic shifting)
  2. Super Record
  3. Record EPS (electronic shifting)
  4. Record
  5. Chorus EPS (electronic shifting)
  6. Chorus
  7. Potenza
  8. Centaur

Campagnolo will soon be entering the Indian market – great news for roadies alike! We’re stoked to announce that we too will be stocking these Campagnolo groupsets and components. Stay tuned and follow our social media handles for the latest updates on everything cycling.

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