No one likes falling off their bikes, but if it does happen, you’d like to have the best form of protection, especially for your head. Choosing the right kind of helmet for yourself is just as important as choosing the right bike.

Specialized has been in the cycling helmet industry for almost as long as they have been making bikes. Specialized manufactures some of the most advanced and feature-loaded helmets on the planet. All their helmets, similar to their bikes go through stringent quality control.

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Specialized is one of the only manufacturers who test their helmets for long term sun and weather effects, making them a good bet if you cycle frequently in extreme weather. Their helmets meet some of the most strict safety standards such as a Snell B-90 certification which they have complied with since 1998.

There are three main types of helmets: Road helmets- sleek and prioritize ventilation and low weight. Mountain bike helmets- provide more coverage as falls and tumbles are more likely – they usually feature a visor to prevent glare as well. Commuter helmets- offer more casual styling and less ventilation compared to road and mountain helmets, since you’re typically sweating less in them.



Specialized primarily offers 4 major road bike helmets here in India, namely:


Specialized Propero III

This race-inspired design is known for its incredible fit and tremendous value. It has many similar features to the S-Works Prevail, like the Tri-Fix webbing system and 4th Dimension Cooling, granting the Propero 3 incredible performance at a tremendous value. The Propero 3 is available in 4 colours-Blue, Black, Red, and White. Sizing options include Small, Medium and Large to cater to all riders.


The Echelon presents a sleek and compact profile on a rider’s head, with increased ventilation and an ergonomic design, you’re guaranteed an exceptional fit, tremendous comfort, and ample ventilation. It’s the ideal helmet for road cycling enthusiasts.

 It’s available only in Black at a very competitive price point whilst also offering MIPS. The Tri-Fix web splitter allows for improved comfort and ease of strap adjustment on the go.


A high-performance helmet targeted at the highly competitive racers alike. Lightweight, ventilation, and aerodynamics are the primary features of this helmet. With the ultralightweight Energy Optimized Multi-Density EPS, the foam could be optimized in different places, similar to carbon fiber for the construction of cooling channels and optimal strength. The helmet also features Specialized’s’ MIPS SL. Available in Purple and White the Evade is a great aero helmet to make a style statement as well.

Carefully engineered cooling ducts make the Evade II the coolest aero helmet on the market today.


Customer feedback was received and analyzed deeply for the improvements that were brought about in the Prevail II. The biggest change in the newer edition is the inclusion of a lower-sitting design. The patented aramid-reinforced skeleton provides the internal EPS additional support and rigidity.

S-Works Prevail II

Other key features like improved sweat management have improved the overall rider experience. The Prevail II is currently available in a red/black combo along with a white/blue color option.



Mountain biking has reached a whole new level of crazy and so has the Tactic III. Over the years this helmet has evolved into what it is now, a perfect combination of comfort, ventilation, protection all in a nimble shell that looks the part. Available in 3 colors- Camo, White and Black.


The Align is a commuter-friendly all-purpose helmet that is incredibly well built and is available at ridiculously low prices considering that it offers MIPS protection at an entry-level. The helmet is also ANGi ready, which means that you can up the level of safety on the helmet to match helmets in a much higher price bracket.

The Align also features the Headset SX dial fit system for easy fit adjustment. It’s is available in multiple colors such as Matte Grey, Blue, Black, White, and Orange.

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