A fender or a mudguard is basically a coverage device for bicycles that is especially helpful in rainy, muddy conditions. It is usually made of either plastic or aluminum and protrudes out the back of the bike and over the wheel. A rear fender usually either attaches to the chainstay or the seat stay. A front fender is fixed under the front fork crown in the case of an MTB or the fork itself in the case of a road bike. Commuters and tourers benefit the most from fenders as they keep the mud and road dirt of the rider and the bike. This ensures you don’t have to keep washing your bike after every wet ride.

Ask any experienced rider about bicycle accessories and the first suggestion they’ll probably make is SKS. As a leading manufacturer of bike accessories, they have been ensuring that wheels roll for almost a 100 years. With tried and tested bike accessories, products, innovative solutions, and fresh ideas.

The “Made in Germany“ label of quality reflects on all of SKS’s products. The products are developed in their internal development and design departments before they are put through their paces out in the real world. SKS GERMANY has earned a global reputation for its innovative mudguards for most wheel and frame sizes. They provide optimal protection from dirt and water splash. SKS fenders have gained a cult following for their ease of installation and simplicity and effectiveness.


The “Made in Germany” tag attached to the brand is definitely something that plays a big role in the quality of the fenders. SKS fenders are some of the sturdiest fenders in the market. These fenders by SKS also have a brand-specific feature of an easy clip-on clip-off retention system. This makes the fenders very easy to install and take off. SKS fenders are easy to live with. There’s nothing complicated with them.

Most SKS fenders also feature an adjustable “stay” length that can fit almost any bike and tire size. The quick-release rubber strap is also suitable to fit bikes with differently sized seat stays. Even the pros tend to stick by the SKS fenders as they are pretty lightweight and effective. Different models come in a range of coverage lengths and styles to meet the requirements of any rider.


SKS Fender Finder
Find the perfect SKS Fender using this chart

This chart is all you need to decide which fender is ideal for your usage and bike type.

STEP 1- Figure out what wheel size you have on your bike. This information is usually mentioned on your tire sidewalls. For MTB’s it’s usually 26″, 27.5″ or 29″. On road bikes, it’s usually a 700c tire.

STEP 2- What kind of bike do you have? An MTB, Road bike or a hybrid. MTB’s usually have wider tires. Road bikes have significantly narrower tires and hybrids lie somewhere in between.

STEP 3- The next most important consideration when choosing fenders is the width of your tire. Having too much clearance or too little clearance and coverage can be avoided by simply choosing the right fender. Tire width is measured either in Inches or Centimeters. It’s also mentioned on the tire sidewall.




The Allroad series of fenders from SKS feature tight clearance designs that hug the tires. Most models like the S-Board and the S-Blade can fit up to 38c tires. This is ideal for gravel bikes as well. The fenders can be fit on virtually any road or hybrid bikes due to the high adjustability options. A quick-release system allows for easy on and off. The S-BLADE can be fitted on virtually any racing bike and the angle setting can be optimally adjusted.


The SKS Blumels series of fenders is also a great set of fenders that feature a sandwich design with superfine aluminum strips embedded in the plastic sheathing.
Whether on dirt tracks or forest paths, the Blumels series of fenders provide excellent all-round protection.

The ASR safety release system releases the mounting stays, in case branches get trapped between the mudguard and the wheel.


The Velo series of fenders are a great option for city commuters and offroaders due to the fact that these mudguards offer a decent amount of coverage to prevent any mud or water splash. The Velo series of fenders are also lightweight so it keeps things simple.


The Shockblade and Beavertail series of fenders are all-round snap-on mudguards with innovative design features. Optimized dirt protection is one of the main highlights of these fenders – also suitable for suspension forks. The Shockblade is one of the sleekest looking MTB specific fenders out in the market.

A quick fitting rear mudguard for MTB’s is the X-Blade. Whether you ride a 26”, 27.5” or 29″. Due to the quick-release mounting system, the fender can be fitted to almost any seat post and optimally adjusted to the wheel and bike geometry of any bike.

Quick weekend trail rides demand a high-performance, lightweight and sturdy fender, the SKS X-TRA-DRY is the one to go for. It is extremely lightweight, shock-resistant, high-performance plastic. The fender also features an easy quick-release-fastening system by a power strap for all seatposts.

No matter what bike you have, SKS has got you covered. Simple, easy to install, lightweight and sturdy fenders. SKS is world-renowned for quality products at an affordable price point. SKS fenders are also incredibly stylish, suiting all kinds of bikes. Head over to BUMSONTHESADDLE and check out the entire collection of SKS fenders to keep you and your bike clean during the rainy season.

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