When out on a ride, no matter the distance, always make sure you’ve equipped yourself with a helmet. It’s one of the most essential accessories for a cyclist. No helmet, no ride.

Choosing the right helmet for yourself is sometimes confusing. There are so many kinds and so much technology within the new range of Specialized helmets. Depending on your riding discipline, from mountain biking to commuting all the way to racing, we’ve got a helmet for you.

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These helmets are compact, lightweight and have a good cooling infrastructure in place.

Helmets like the Specialized align feature a one-size system that is specially designed to fit all shapes and head sizes. The Aligns’ molded shell improves strength and reduces weight. These helmets also have a Tri-Flex web splitter for easy and comfortable strap adjustment. The Headset SX fit system comes with a micro-adjustable dial for an easy, secure and accurate fit

These helmets are ideal for your home to work commutes or even just casual city riding.


If hitting the trails every now and then is your thing, then you’re going to want a helmet that is a lot stronger and lighter than ordinary helmets. That’s because trail riding can become a very aggressive activity so getting yourself a helmet built for the purpose is going to give you that extra confidence to take on the roughest of trails.

The Specialized tactic III helmets are going to help you do just that with their comfortable yet lightweight and extremely durable inner and outer shell. These helmets have extended rear coverage for extra protection on technical sections of a trail in case you have a fall.

A full-sized visor is also provided which can easily be attached and unmounted. Variants of this helmet are also available with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection) which makes this a very safe helmet.

MIPS is known to reduce the chance of a rider developing a concussion by almost 50%. It does so because it has a thin layer inside the helmet that slips a few Millimeters in the event of an accident to prevent any rotational forces from causing any severe injuries or concussions.


Road biking oriented helmets help you stay cool when the going gets tough and keeps you moving swift through the strong crosswinds that one encounters on the roads.

Helmets in this series include the Specialized Propero 3, S-Works Evade, Specialized Echelon 2, Specialized S3 and the Prevail series. All of these helmets feature a lightweight skeleton and a specially reinforced monocoque for a perfect blend of comfort and protection. The 4th Dimension Cooling System also keeps you cool during the hottest of days.

All helmets are available in different sizes perfect for your head shape. Multiple vibrant color options are also available for you to choose from.


In the event of a crash during a ride, you would want to have the best form of protection for your body, especially your head. To provide you with the best, Specialized has developed some of the best safety tech out in the market to make sure you are safe on your next ride even if the worst were to take place.

1. MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System)

It is a technology that has rapidly gained popularity and attention from all helmet manufacturers. However specialized has taken MIPS to the next level. But first, what exactly is MIPS?

MIPS is a low-friction layer in the helmet that lays in between the helmet shell and your head. In the event of an impact, this layer will absorb some of the rotational force otherwise applied to your head. Specialized has now made sure to apply this technology all across their helmet range from 2019.

Specialized has employed MIPS in all these models through design modifications as MIPS itself isn’t a universal design.

Specialized has also worked with the creators of MIPS to develop MIPS SL in 2019, it is currently only available on certain Specialized helmets. MIPS SL provides the same level of protection but with increased airflow and at a lighter weight.


Specialized has also developed a 4th Dimension Cooling System for extremely efficient cooling on their helmets. It features deep internal channels, large vents and carefully placed exhaust ports for cooling and aerodynamics.


Helmets for Women also feature the HairPort Fit System which makes it more comfortable for women with ponytails to find a good helmet fit.


Specialized helmets also feature 4X DryLite webbing which is internal padding that won’t stretch out with sweat and moisture. The Tri-Fix web splitter also aids comfort with ease of strap adjustment.

5. ANGi

Another technological marvel from Specialized is ANGi. ANGi stands for angular and G-force indicator. It is a helmet-mounted sensor that can detect sudden accelerations/decelerations or rotational forces, similar to that of an accident.

The helmet sensor will then connect to your phone wirelessly and sound an alarm and trigger a countdown after which it will call an emergency contact to inform them of your accident. It will also message the contacts your exact location so they can get to you. If you’re fine and don’t need help just halt the countdown.

There’s also a live tracking feature that lets your contacts know where you are at any time if you choose to allow it.


Pick a helmet that meets your needs and caters to your main priorities. The most important consideration to think about even before reading this article is its purpose and your riding discipline and style. Look out for a helmet that provides a good fit, ensures that you are well ventilated and comfortable. Fit is the most important aspect to look into before investing in a helmet.

This year has led to many technological advancements by Specialized and they will continue to bring in class-leading equipment for years to come.

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