Not being able to ride or race at an event because of mechanical issues is always disappointing. We decided to solve this problem. Creating more riding opportunities has always been one of our pillars at BUMSONTHESADDLE and providing neutral support at events was right up the alley!

BUMSONTHESADDLE Start Line Support is an initiative to provide kick-ass technical support to race and brevet participants to ensure they ride safely while pushing themselves at the event.

What do riders think about our initiative?

We are proud to document 20+ community-run events that our teams supported in 2019. Mostly races and brevets, our teams have enabled a lot of passionate riders to be race ready and complete their events successfully in 2019. Our work has been as simple as ensuring the correct tire pressure before a uber-long brevet to complex pre-race drive train adjustments and component swaps just in time for the start.

Want to be a part of all these rides and races?


The cycling calendar kicked off with the first brevet of the year – the Nandi 200k. This was supported by Rupert and Soumya.

The Melukote 300km was supported by Rupert alone. Again fantastic numbers for a 300k brevet.

The last event for January was the 2Go Bangalore Mountain Festival. We had Ravi, Soumya, Vallabh and Rohan supporting the event.


We had our first MTB race of the season at the Bangalore Bicycle Championships – the BBCh XC Race. This was supported by Ravi, Vallabh & Rohan.


Rupert rolled out Start Line Support of the Roller Coaster Magadi 200k brevet. Again massive numbers on a cool March morning.

Bangalore Bicycle Championships kicked off their first Road Race of the season. The BBCh Individual Time Trial. As usual, this event was well attended with riders from across the country. This was supported by Rupert & Ravi.


We had Rupert, Soumya and Ravi rolling out our Start Line Support at the Jog 1000km 🚀 Brevet. Days are longer and hotter! And more riding.

Rupert rolled out our Start Line Support at a non-community event – the Brickathon – a duathlon. It was an interesting twist to the standard races and brevets that we support.


Rupert and Rohan provided support at the Shivganga 200K Brevet 🚀 75 riders attempting the 200k brevet. Awesome!

We had the Bangalore Bicycle Championships Road Race on Old Madras Roa which had over 90 folks at the start line. This was supported by Rupert and Rohan


Downhill!! Pretty much the ONLY downhill race in the country – The Bangalore Bicycle Championships Downhill Race is a well-attended event that has downhill riders from across the country. This was supported by Ravi, Soumya & Rupert.

We also provided Start Line Support for two more brevets in June that we don’t seem to have photos of. These were the Anchetti 200 and the Basavanabetta 300k


Rupert single-handedly rolled out the Start Line Support at the Hogenakkal 400K Brevet 🚀

The Bangalore Bicycle Championships also run their uber-popular BBCH Classic road race that is well attended by road cyclists from across India. We ran our Start Line Support with Rupert, Soumya, Ravi, Shaun and Rohan.

Amith and Soumya covered the Start Line Support at the Coorg 600K Brevet 🚀🚴‍♂️ – the last of the Toughest Super Randonneur Series! We had over 70 riders kicking off!!


The Bangalore Bicycle Championships rolled out a uber muddy mountain biking XC race in the monsoon and we were there to support these muddy riders. This was supported by Ravi and Rohan.


The Bangalore Bicycle Championships Team Time Trial is a much-awaited team event. Pretty much the only team event in the country. Lots of teams, lots of riders and plenty of mechanical assistance. This was supported by Ravi, Soumya, Shaun, and Gautham.


The last MTB race of the season, The Bangalore Bicycle Championships XC race did not see massive numbers – maybe because of a last-minute change in location – but Ravi and Rohan were there to promote and grow the sport of mountain biking.


The Bangalore Bicycle Championships Nandi Race is a much-loved road race with the race ending at the top of the famed Nandi hills in Bangalore. Again, massive participation from road cyclists across the country, this was supported by Ravi and Rupert.

There you go, folks! This was a quick recap of the year with respect to our Start Line Support initiative. Its something that we’re extremely proud of, something that we have a LOT of fun doing and allows us to be out with the community assisting and providing value.

We’re looking for passionate individuals who are keen to volunteer sometime thru 2020 to assist us. Let us know if you think you’re passionate about this.

Onto 2020!

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