We all love riding our bikes! Like most sports, having the right equipment and the right kit can amplify this experience, make the ride even more comfortable and sure you are safe while you’re out there.

In this article, we will be deep-diving into one of the finest apparel brands available to Indian Cyclists – Castelli. An Italian company that is Castelli is world-renowned for its incredible performance-oriented cycling apparel with a strong specialization in cycling and triathlon clothing. 

Castelli branded apparel is characterized by the world-famous logo representing a white scorpion inside a red circle.


While there are a lot of brands out there which make good cycling apparel, Castelli stands out in the performance segment with these three key differentiating features

1. VORTEX FABRIC – If you’ve seen the surface of a golf ball, you’ll know that it is dimpled for less drag and resistance-free movement. The Vortex dimpled fabric technology is similarily designed for superior aerodynamics and muscle support without constricting blood flow.

2. STRADAPRO 3D – STRADAPRO 3D is a 100% polyester multi-denier fabric. The 3D weave reduces the contact area with your skin for excellent wicking. It dries extremely quickly, making for a great hot weather racing fabric. It’s also incredibly lightweight at the same time.

3. YKK Vislon zipper – A VISLON zipper is made of injected plastic elements, such as polyacetal resin. This makes it lighter than metal zippers of the same size and also a lot smoother during operation. While a puny zipper might not really sound like a differentiator, it actually is. It’s the most used part of any apparel and good zippers add to the overall experience.


When it comes to apparel, sizing, and fit is one of the most important aspects. Castelli apparel is designed to provide the rider with the best fitting and highest performing cycling apparel – critical as you end up wearing these for long durations on your rides.

Castelli jerseys are designed with sleeves articulated forward for maximum aerodynamic performance. On the bike, Castelli jerseys fit close to the skin while off the bike, the jersey may feel tight across the chest which is normal as the jersey is optimized for proper fit on the bike.

Castelli shorts fit tight enough to support critical leg muscles through compression without inhibiting movement and restricting blood flow.

Castelli apparel sizing chart
How do I check for the correct size for Castelli Products?


Castelli has a wide and deep lineup of cycling products in India. Not many brands carry a wide range of colors and sizing options that is available with this brand! The brand has the following segments well represented in the country and we ship these to riders across the country

  • Cycling Jerseys
  • Cycling Shorts / Bib-Shorts
  • Triathlon Wear / Tri Suits
  • Cycling Gloves
  • Cycling Socks
  • Casual Sport Wear, Caps and Backpacks too!


Castelli has some of the most lightweight and breathable, well-ventilated jerseys in the market – perfect for the performance rider or someone who is keen to look great while out on a bike ride. We have a product for performance road riders as well as the randonneur attempting brevets.

Here’s the range we carry.

CASTELLI ENTRATA – The use of a lightweight and very stretchy mesh on the side panels for extra give, and in the shoulders for great fit whether you’re standing or in an aero tuck. The ideal fit for a serious roadie. The easy-sliding YKK Vislon zipper and reflective trim at the hem for visibility only add to the already feature-loaded jersey.

The Entrata is one of the lightest and most breathable jerseys in Castelli’s lineup. Great for long and hot summer rides.

CASTELLI VELOCISSIMO – If you want a jersey that fits just right, but not too aero has great moisture management and feels just as good after 7-8 hours as when you started, then Castelli’s Velocissimo Jersey is a perfect choice.

The Prosecco Strada controlled stretch allows designers to engineer a perfect fit. Prosecco hydrophilic treatment helps keep you dryer and more comfortable than ever before. All in all the perfect fabric for a cycling jersey.

CASTELLI PROLOGO 4 – The Prologo 4 Jersey strikes the perfect balance between heritage styling and new construction with all the performance details to make it your favorite jersey.

Castelli has worked on the previous iterations to improve the Stratus dual-layer fabric to make it softer, stretchier and better wicking than ever before.

CASTELLI PROLOGO V – The Prologo is now in its fifth iteration, as you can probably tell from the V in the name. Breathability is one of the standout features of the jersey – Castelli themselves giving it 4/5 on its breathability scale. We couldn’t agree more. The jersey also has this super cool looking 3D chest logo.

CASTELLI CLIMBER’S 2.0 – Primarily made to be lightweight and well ventilated. Usually, good ventilation compromises aerodynamics of a jersey. The Climber 2.0 however, is just 2 Watts slower than Castelli’s most aero jersey. It’s the best of both worlds.

Weighing a mere 83g, the Climber is incredibly lightweight. Ideal for competition.

CASTELLI SPUNTO – The Spunto is quick-drying and easy to open for ventilation on the go. Castelli gave the Spunto a fit that works for the wide variety of riders instead of the other more specifically made jerseys.

 CASTELLI TABULA RASA – The Tabula Rasa can be thought of as an aero race Jersey but in a cut made for everyday riding.  The jersey features the same ProSecco Micromesh fabric that keeps you dry and cool under the sun.


Good cycling shorts are not only built well & feel uber comfortable – but they also have the best chamois pads to ensure your sit bones are well supported and padded to prevent unnecessary compression of important nerves.

Castelli has two important technologies in this area – PROGETTO X2 AIR & KISS AIR 2 – that are worth knowing about.

Castelli Cycling Chamois Technology!

PROGETTO X2 AIR – The Progetto X2 Air seat pad features a ventilated skin-care layer to keep you cool. Its two-layer design and multi-density padding ensure excellent comfort no matter how long your ride may be. Multi-density foam with variable thicknesses is also embedded into the seat-pad. The thickness of the pad is engineered to place the padding where you need it most for maximum comfort.

KISS AIR 2 – The KISS AIR pad is now even more comfortable with a higher-density foam and a softer top fabric. Comfort is further enhanced by the creation of a perfect interface to your body during every pedal stroke.


CASTELLI ENDURANCE 2 – The Endurance 2 is the ideal pair of cycling shorts for long-distance riding and Brevets. The top-of-the-line Progetto X2 Air seat pad ensures that you do not face chafing or discomfort. The seat-pad is also high on ventilation and sit bone comfort.

CASTELLI VOLO – “Volo” is Italian for “I’m flying”. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing with these shorts. The KISS Air2 seat pad ensures unparalleled comfort and ventilation. The hemline leg grippers do an exceptional job of keeping the shorts fitting snug.

CASTELLI ENDURANCE X2 – Castella’s Endurance X2 comes with specially engineered fabric and a new bib strap design will make these shorts a pair you will not want to take off. It was designed for those long rides in the saddle. The short also features Endurance Evolution Fabric that provides muscle support when the going gets tough.

CASTELLI FREE AERO RACE – The Free Aero Race was designed to be fast by concentrating on helping you get the most out of your body and by optimizing aerodynamics. It’s also ideal for heavy and repeated usage year-round over and over again.

To learn more about Castelli’s 2020 shorts/bib shorts collection head over to our 2020 CASTELLI BIB SHORTS & CYCLING SHORTS GUIDE


FREE SANREMO 2 SUIT – The perfect tri-suit that will help you ace all three stages of your triathlon. The Free Sanremo 2 trisuit features –

  • Velocity Rev2 main body fabric delivers aerodynamics with excellent fit and moisture management
  • Back fabric Velocity mesh for breathability, yet it blocks 94% of UV rays for significant sun protection (UPF 16)
  • Elbow-length sleeves with raw-cut edges for maximum comfort and aerodynamics
  • Castelli’s Sanremo front opening makes it easier to bend for cycling and straighten out for the run and swim
  • 2 rear pockets lie flat in the swim but allow generous room for nutrition
  • New short construction fits more securely with more muscle support
  • Giro4 flat leg grippers on longer legs for maximum aerodynamics
  • KISS Tri seat pad that provides comfort on the bike and that you almost don’t feel during the run


CASTELLI ARENBERG GEL – The Arenberg’s feature the Castelli Damping System padding to protect your hands and increase control and comfort over all kinds of terrain. The micro-mesh back keeps it cool and comfortable.

CASTELLI ROSSO CORSA ESPRESSO GEL – The gloves feature an open cuff design that makes the gloves comfortable and easy to get on and off. Gel padding under the crucial nerves in your hands prevents numbing even over the roughest of patches. The textured mesh allows for high breathability and stretchability.


CASTELLI ROSSO CORSA 9 – These pairs of socks are high on foot support and breathability. The Air Mesh enables enhanced breathability and the socks have a central foot band that provides muscular relief and support on longer rides.

Another cool feature that these socks have is the Meryl Skinlife fibers that contain naturally bacteria-static silver ions so that bacteria do not grow in your shoes.

CASTELLI PODIO DOPPIO 13 – The Podio Doppio 13’s help keep your feet dry and comfortable with the CoolMax yarn that wicks away moisture from your skin. The sweat from your foot is removed so quickly that it does not get a chance to even build upon your foot.

There you go – the complete lineup of Castelli apparel for the serious rider. It’s absolutely fantastic to have a brand that is so well represented in the country with a complete range of performance road apparel – jerseys, shorts, bib-shorts, gloves, socks, and cycling caps even.

Not only does Castelli have a wide range, but they also have a good depth of product with multiple colors and size offerings with a uber wide range for women too.

Perfect for the casual road rider looking to look pro and feel super comfortable on their ride, for the performance riding looking to squeeze a few extra watts out of his or her ride and for the aspiring triathlete looking to ace their event.

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