This #techtuesday Soumya Chatterjee, our Bike Mechanic, will be sharing his thoughts on pedals inspired by his work a really nice pair recently – the Crankbrothers Stamp 11. The CB Stamp11 are forged 6061-T6 aluminum pedals with a titanium spindle for further weight reduction. They have a concave platform for a secure foothold, 10 adjustable pins per side for a shin-biting grip and premium bushing and seal system to keep the dirt out and the buttery smoothness in.

Every heard anyone go gaga over pedals?

Most of us buy a bike and want to ride it as soon as possible. Even if it means riding a high-end full-suspension downhill monster thru city traffic! This is why most bicycling companies give a free set of pedals with every bike. But remember, these could be pedals that require to be replaced with something sturdier and safer if you intend to ride a bit.

Pedals are the first set of bearings where the rider applies power which translates into the bike moving forward. A lot of riders also end up putting a lot of weight on the pedal – performing tricks/jumps on mountain bikes, accelerating on city roads or sprinting on a climb on a road bike. The pedal is also a very important contact & grip point (the other two contact points being your hands/handlebar and your bum/saddle). A good set of pedals can actually transform your ride by squeezing more juice from your legs and making the ride safer by ensuring your foot does not slip.

Definitely an important accessory.

Pedal Service Recommendation

We recommend you have your local bike shop service your pedals along with your annual bike service. This involves taking apart the pedal bearings/bushings and replace the contaminated grease with high-quality synthetic Teflon grease. Guaranteed to deliver more power, a lighter, quieter and smoother ride, and a lot more life out of it.

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