Model: Mahuna 29″
The Mahuna comes from Kona Bicycles, based out Vancouver Canada, known for their amazing Mountain Bikes and Touring Bikes.


I had an opportunity to test ride one recently after unboxing it. Since this was a brand new piece it was not possible to take it out on trails but even a quick post-setup test ride in the parking lot tells a lot about a bike! So test rides are super important!

Equipment check: Droping-in straight!!
The bike is a bit different than our conventional Cross-country Mountain bikes geometry we are familiar with. Instead, this bike sports a very welcoming new school, sporty and inspiring ride that you’ll feel right after one or two rides. A little bit of madness built right into the geo to ride hard – a decent wide bar, short stem, chubby 32mm tubed coil-sprung (high end) fork with plenty of adjustments. Geometry wise, this bike has a long reach, a short snappy rear triangle, and a slightly slack head angle. Overall pretty good new school geometry that feels decent, relaxed yet playful at the same time. Great for cross-country trail and single-track ensures this bike is highly capable for technical riding and should be able to handle almost everything you through at it. As a result, it’s not the fastest rolling sledge out there but can take a jump or roll down technical tracks which general riders may feel sketchy. Definately a confidence inspiring rig for beginners to try new tricks, attempt technical riding

The bike comes stock with 2.25″ medium rolling trail tyres, Shimano hydraulic brakes with 180/160 mm rotors which have a great reputation of longevity. The 3×9 speed is more than enough!! We MTBers sometimes ride chainless 😋😉 Overall a great package.

Cons: Cable routing isn’t the best in class. A through axle instead of quick release could be better and 120mm fork instead of 100 would have been great. How-ever it’s true that a through axle hub would increase cost and move the bike intoa more unattainable price bracket.

Future Upgrade: Suntour XCR fork is amazing if you oil pack it as it generally comes with grease only. Get it serviced after a few rides or even before you start riding it to fully explore it’s potential. A faster-rolling rear tyre would also enhance ride capabilities substantially .

Final Verdict: If you are fascinated with mountain biking, and are looking for a great do it all bike – with a dash of madass – then this could be your bike.

Hooligan enough? Try it 😎


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