As cyclists, we love our new toys – new clothes, new helmet, water bottles, and dare I say a new bike! However, this is a list of must-haves for all cyclists, get these before you think of those carbon clinchers.

Here’s a list of must-haves for every cyclist – from the very beginner to the most experienced.

A MUST HAVE. From over a decade of running bike shops, we’ve seen and heard from plenty of cyclists who swear by a good helmet and have lived to tell their story.

2.Headlights and Taillights
Early morning or late-night commutes, lights make sure you’re visible and keep you safe. Consider investing in the rechargeable kind as these last quite a while and are uber convenient.

3.Puncture Repair Kit
Fixing a flat/puncture is super simple and fast! But you got to ensure you have these on every ride – a spare inner tube, a hand pump, tire levers and a patch kit. Fixing a puncture is a 10-minute task on the road side, and ensures you can continue your ride.

4.Cycling Shorts
A good pair of shorts will exponentially increase comfort on the bike, not to mention prevent chafing. Good quality apparel not only makes you look good but also feels good and in a lot of situations enhances safety.

5.Bike Lock
An absolute essential for commuting, definitely don’t leave your bike out in the open without it being locked. One of the first thing that riders scrimp on! Invest in a good lock that gives you some confidence of leaving your bicycle locked in public.

6.Water Bottle and Bottle Cage
Humans can’t survive without water, especially while exercising. The mantra is – eat before you’re hungry and drink before you’re thirsty! Get the bottle and keep sipping every 15 minutes.

7.Saddle Bag
Possibly the most convenient item on this list. Almost everything can go in here, your phone, a spare tube, cash and sits out of the way below your saddle. Ensures your pockets are free to enjoy your ride!

8.Pollution Mask
Let’s face it, most metros in India are quite polluted. Does not mean you have to stop cycling – a simple mask will prevent you from breathing in the not-so-great stuff and still enjoy the ride.

9.Chain Lubricant
Chains are constantly moving and powering your bicycle forward. A nice cycling specific chain lube prevents you from having the dreaded squeaky chain, while also saving you a bit of cash in the long run. Stick to bicycle chain lubes!

A simple tool that will help you fix most issues while out riding.

This is a pretty basic list of things you should seriously consider if you ride a bike. They all last a while and most of them end up being surprisingly heavily used. While a helmet is a necessary for every ride, numbers 2,3,4 and 5 on this list are highly recommended. On the other hand, numbers 6,7,8,9 and 10 on this list are not 100% needed, but will definitely improve your riding experience.

While a helmet is mandatory on every ride, the rest on this list are highly recommended to ensure you enjoy cycling to the max!



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