We love bicycles, and at BUMSONTHESADDLE we aim to share this passion with as many people as possible. Biking to Work can be one of the simplest things most Bangaloreans can do to kick off a fantastic day. The BOTS “Wheels of Change” project aims to get more people biking to work via corporate workshops, partnerships, events and simply sharing the joy of cycling to work!

Want to be a part of the Wheels of Change team? Shoot us an email – support@bumsonthesaddle.com

Have you ever come across a rider who has been commuting to work for over 8 years now and has never had any bad incidents to speak about?


Nitin in commuter mode!

Meet Nitin Katageri, one of our most positive commuters in Bangalore! He started biking to work as a time-saving-healthy option, which has now become an addiction for him. He now rides his bicycle to be happy. Simple!


Nitin has also supported a lot of people to take up cycling as a means of commuting in the city. He feels this is his way of giving back to the city and to their health. The most exciting part of Nitin’s commutes are the curious kids en-route. He thoroughly enjoys engaging with them and inspires them to stick to cycling as long as possible.

What has kept him so positive on road is his attitude of never claiming his right on road, instead his willingness to share the space. He believes that for a place like Bangalore, sharing space is a better way than dedicated lanes infrastructure at the moment. Whenever he gets frustrated by a vehicle slowing him down, he puts on this attitude.


The Fleet. Cyclists are great role models for kids!

Nitin rides a Surly Cross Check and a Specialized Pitch Comp and commutes 26km everyday.

Thanks Nitin for being simply awesome!


Cyclists always, ALWAYS, live life large!

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