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The 2015 edition of the Vodafone Cycling Marathon – great event and extremely useful to create more cycling in Bangalore city.

The 2 day expo was well organized and as a cycling company we used it to ensure we create more bikers by showing off all the shop rides we are doing. We also spoke to women to understand how BUMSONTHESADDLE could help them ride more!

Todays events/race had a pretty good turnout, over 5000 cyclists! The 40km passion ride started off shaky – it was dark potholed roads with racing fanatics weaving among shaky newbies. Luckily, it turned out all ok and was a fantastic ride with everyone enjoying it.

So awesome to see all the riders we have created over the years out there enjoying their ride. A full circle to what we do as a cycling company.

More power to cycling.

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