Like most things in life, simplicity brings a certain comfort and happiness. Why over-complicate? I think this is so applicable for urban cycling.

In answer to the question ‘are single speed bikes good?’ I say why pay for lots of gears if you don’t use them? In cities, for commuting or just getting around town, single speed cycling rules above all else.

Single speed benefits
  1. It’s simple. Simple is a benefit. No discussion on this point.
  2. Less thought required on which gear to select, move up or move down a gear. Just let it go, cycle and enjoy.
  3. Flip flop wheels means you have the option of riding freewheel or fixed.
    It encourages relaxed urban cycling from point A to B; there’s no rush. Just simple, calm cycling.
  4. If you do decide to hammer it – fast pedaling and high revolutions per minute are great for fitness.
  5. When buying a single speed, you typically get more “bang for your buck”. The money you save not buying expensive gear systems (derailleur or internal hubs), goes instead towards a better frame, wheels and other parts.
  6. Alternatively, it means you can spend less overall and get a similar specification frame, wheels etc.
  7. Less moving parts typically means less maintenance.
  8. Save money as you don’t need to worry about fixing, repairing and servicing derailleur or internal hubs gear systems.
  9. When you do then ride a multiple gear bike e.g. on a long road ride or off-road on trails, you appreciate the gears more. Dare I say you may even use the gears more effectively?

View some of our gorgeous and beautiful single speed/fixie bikes here and get hooked to the idea of single speed urban commute!

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