Cycling Party 2014 – celebrating cycling in Bangalore!

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With so much cycling action around Bangalore, its tricky to stay abreast of everything!

Like last year we are hosting a kickass cycling party for Bangalore – a great way to meet bikers, to get folks to talk about exciting things they are doing and also to launch the Bangalore Bicycle Championships for this year!

Bangalore Cycling Party 2014

WHEN: 15 FEBRUARY (Saturday)
WHERE: BOTS Jayanagar,
WHAT TIME: 6:30pm – 8:30pm


  • Usual party stuff – fun, games, food, drink, music
  • Representation from BBCh, BAR, Cycle day and the Bangalore brevets
  • Wrap up BBCh13 season and launch BBCh14
  • and any more cycling that we can squeeze in!

BIKE PARKING – We have ample space for parking your bikes in the basement. Please ensure you bring good locks
CAR/MOTORBIKE/TRUCK PARKING – lots of place around BOTS to park your automobiles

Teams, team colors would be great!

Crossing fingers, lets have a great time

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