BBCh Race #4 | Endurance XC | 60Kms

Rohan Kini Racing

BBCh #4

Go ahead! Signup for the endurance XC race coming up this weekend (registration link)

Help us spread the word about the awesome race! (event on facebook)

The race race route

[UPDATE – 17 May]

important landmarks to get to race start

Driving Directions

1. If you are on the international Airport road, turn right onto the Outer Ring Road (ORR) at Hebbal Flyover
– Hebbal Flyover TO Hennur Bagalur Road/ORR junction: about 5.6 kms
2. Turn left onto Hennur Bagalur Road
– Hennur Bagalur Road/ORR junction TO Chagaletty: about 10.5 kms
3. Turn right at Chagaletty
– Chagaletty TO start point: 4 kms (good village roads).

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