Saturday morning Trail Rides – off road XC riding at Turahalli this weekend

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Do you prefer the rocky paths and muddy forests to the city streets and tarmac?
Do you like some off road riding?
Are you looking for a weekly adventure?

Well, look no further – introducing, the Saturday morning Trail Rides!

We’ll be riding trails all across the city; from Sarjapur’s countryside to Hessarghatta’s dried lake bed. Our goal is to explore, build and document trails across the city.

This saturday we will be riding in Turahalli forest (map to location)

6:45 AM – Meet up in front of Kanakpura Metro (the store, not the transport)
7:00 AM – Turahalli forest

A couple of laps of our awesome XC route (~6kms a loop) and/or a climb to the top (and the thrilling decent too, obviously). We should be done by 9:30 AM after which we cycle back towards the city, have a stop for breakfast and then disperse to our humdrum lives.

So, come join us for the first of many bumpy, jumpy adventurous rides!

ps: interested in kicking this off in other parts of the city and then swapping routes and maps with us – just let us know. More the merrier!

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