Closed due to Bangalore Bandh

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Closed today

Sorry folks – although we do not subscribe to the notion of civil disobedience to be better human beings, we need to keep BumsOnTheSaddle shut for the day to ensure our employees/bikers and bikes are not at the receiving end of mob mentality.

The Supreme court of India has banned Bandh’s in 1998 (cited from Wikipedia) but the show goes on!

Some interesting reading from the prev bandh. More numbers will be crunched and reported in the papers tomorrow for sure.

  • Kaveri River Water Sharing : What Are The Solutions?
  • 12,000 Crore INR loss from the prev Bandh a couple of weeks back
  • Guess how much today’s Bandh cost the Economy” –
  • An good point raised by Sunita on why a Bandh was useful for her

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